Building of a Nu-Gen type terminal (part 2)

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I painted the arcade terminal with a gloss paint, i bought a 32 inch display (2560 x 1440 AOC Value-Line Q3279VWF). Please note that there is no vesa mount on this screen, so it’s a bit complicated to fix so that it does not move.

For the glass plate, I made a wooden template for cutting, it takes about 100 € to cut it in 8 millimeters. I then painted the inner side of the glass with a glossy white paint. When the paint is dry, it must be cut cleanly with a cutter according to the exact location of the screen.

Standing Arcades

Transformation (Build) of a normal light Illuminated Button into RGB Button

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As you can see on my other article, I am redoing a Standing Arcades. But I would like to put RGB buttons, that is to say buttons that change color depending on the games, the emulators…
The downside is that the RGB buttons are expensive, very expensive. On the Smallcab website the RGB button is at € 9.90, while a standard luminous button is at € 1.98, or € 1.60 on Amazon. On my Arcade, there are 27 buttons, which makes € 270 if I buy them from Smallcab.